Introducing Grapevine , an innovative church management software crafted by and for the church community. Experience a unique blend of cutting-edge features and trusted functionalities, all within a user-friendly platform.

From intuitive member engagement tools to seamless event planning, Grapevine is designed to enhance every aspect of your ministry. Embrace the future of church management—where innovation meets tradition, empowering your congregation to thrive in unity.

What makes us Different


Capture testimonials from your congregation and effortlessly showcase them on your website through seamless integration. Our privacy-centric design ensures you have control, allowing you to display as much or as little information as you prefer!

Asset and Vehicle Tracking

Effectively managing your church's assets can be challenging, but we've simplified it for you! Easily maintain a comprehensive record of your assets using straightforward barcodes and QR codes for efficient tracking. This includes vehicles – we've got you covered with travel logs and service history features to ensure complete oversight!

Digital Signage

Creating dynamic and engaging content for display can be a time-consuming task, but we've simplified it for you! Just insert your artwork, assign it to a screen, set up your schedules, and let us handle the rest. Our digital signage system, seamlessly integrated into Grapevine, provides everything you need for a straightforward yet powerful digital signage platform.


As fellow members of the church community, we truly grasp the significance of a centralized management system to ensure smooth sailing in your ministry. But let's face it, not all of us spend our days tethered to a desk. That's why we've crafted apps exclusively for iOS and Android, placing the power of Grapevine right in your hands—whether you're adding assets, checking kids into programs, or sharing a testimony for instant website visibility. Wherever your ministry journey takes you, rest assured, we've got your back!

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